We all use them. Gray words, that is. Can just changing a few words be enough to change your life when applying the Law of Attraction intentionally? The words themselves aren’t the problem, it’s the emotions and attitudes attached to the words that you think and speak that ultimately make the difference.


Here’s an example. So you say, “Can I try to help you?” When you offer help and it comes from a wonderful thought, the word try isn’t an issue because the emotion and attitude that is connected to the thoughts are pure.


How about this one, “I am trying to get my business off the ground.” In this case, the word trying has emotion and attitude attached to maybe you will get your business off the ground. Maybe and try are the same meaning in the Law of Attraction when it is attached with feelings of “it might work” which in fact is saying that you don’t want to commit to feelings of trust and expectation from the Universe. Using the words maybe or try is the ‘gray area’ of the black or white equation; the gray area of yes or no, and the gray area of want or don’t want. When maybe or try are used within your thought processes and are attached to the feelings of the non committal or pre failure then you are going to want to change your way of thought and feeling.


By consciously making a decision to check on what your true feelings are when using certain words, you can trample the gray area roadblocks that can totally get in the way of obtaining what it is that you desire.


After you have consciously checked your true feelings and have corrected them, begin to use a whole new vocabulary that reflects your new positive self. Replace the word try with the word can. I can get my business off the ground. I can find that perfect relationship for myself. I can lose the weight. By just changing that one little word, you are changing what you are putting out to the Universe.


You quickly sound like a more confident person that trusts and expects the Universe to bring what you have asked for. When you begin to feel the can is when you really start things in motion.


Be aware of the words that have emotion attached to them. Try is just one example of a word that sits in the gray area of want and don’t want.


Keep a gray word log for the day and find out how many times you tell the Universe that you think and feel that maybe you trust and expect. Also keep a log of what would be an alternate thought and feeling to replace that gray word with. By doing this, you will be able to change your thought and emotional patterns and break through any barriers that you may have unintentionally put up.


The Universe is here for you, and for every living thing on this planet. By learning how to apply the Law of Attraction intentionally, life will go much smoother for you and your family. Download your the secret pdf here. The Universe can be trusted through the Law of Attraction. Give the Universe the chance to bring you the life you truly want to live.